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We are happy when we’re peppy

What women want may remain a mystery but what women truly desire is to be comfortable in the skin they are in. Being inspired is a better version of you rather then be influenced. Every body is different and unique, every face is beautiful in it’s own way, all eyes tell a different story, all lips speak a different voice and then there’s always an expression that hold each one of us as different. What binds us in similarity may be our love for looking and feeling beautiful in our own way.

Modest Fashion is the most tricky of all. It is a combination of classic with a bling. It is a challenge to discover techniques in addition to stylization. A different cut, a different silhouette, the beautiful highlights, stitch and embroidery inculcated to adorn each abaya with panache. Accessorizing every style with utmost creativity. We adore Modest Styles with a Modern Twist.

Using traditional techniques of hand embroideries, crochet. sequins etc. is a passion to be instilled in every creation. Spending a productive day with a medium and a large size body form draping in various styles to get the best fall and fit for a natural body type is actually fulfilling. Creation should be keeping all body types in mind so draping best serves the purpose. Though time consuming yet really adds to perfection in achieving exactly as imagined. Self love is the key to your happiness and of those around you.

Let’s continue this later as we feed styles, trends, colors, forecast in our future blogs. Do send us new suggestions and tricks on the styles you most love.


Shal K