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Halal and Holistic Choices- Act Now


Organicism is the philosophical perspective which views the universe and its parts as complete, by analogy or literally. Organicism is an important tradition within the history of natural therapy as a holistic approach. Many known philosophers  have regarded the universe as a source to heal and cure naturally. 
As opposed to some people’s belief, vegan cosmetics are not same as Halal products. Vegan brands undoubtedly are animal byproduct free but not alcohol free. Halal cosmetics are necessarily Islamic Law compliant products. 
A holistic approach considers the complete overall health from outside to the inner self. A wellness setting is a holistic approach to living, addressing the whole person. The physical, mental, and emotional health play a pivotal factor, while taking social factors into consideration. 
We choose ORGANIC, pure and therapeutic as that is the purest form of living our lives when it comes to consumption or application. Keeping the needs of our busy lifestyle many bad habits and quick fixes are hampering our holistic goals. Naturally made products lack the finesse and texture in it’s purest form making them appear less attractive without artificial colors and fragrance. 
With the growing awareness, needs and requirements a substantial number of people are turning to Halal and organic cosmetics. We at Kasha Body Works ensure that each of our products are hand crafted the proof being that you will never find a same product identical to the one ordered before although similar. The higher message is that most of our balms are therapeutic, 100 percent organic, multi purpose and home made. 
A holistic project born out of passion to touch lives in a way to make a change for those who heal and being the chosen one to provide a respectable means of earning by teaching our work support in acquiring new skills to be self reliant and productive at all times. Pandemic taught us all some tough lessons and the most important one for me was being “MINIMALISTIC”. With so many lives being negatively impacted and many loosing regular income we came forth with a ‘GREEN DREAM” initiative involving minimal wastage and multi tasking with a variety of skills.
The results will make you all smile and mostly of those who make their ends meet with our realization of their goals. Smiles are very precious and so is our body.BE WISE! After all it’s our BODY and our CHOICES.