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Modest Fashion Trend to Mend in 2022

The modest fashion industry has proven time and again that comfort and confidence always wins over complicated and impractical fashion. A general sense of awareness among people who are fashion forward support that smart fashion is inclusive of reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycle leading to sustainable fashion needs. An approach that modest fashion almost follows. Sustainable is a vast term indeed and includes biodegradable approach too but we simplify it in the context of fashion alone than modest trends, ethnic trends and religious clothing are an example of sustainable fashion. So basically those of us in love with modest style are way ahead of the game and pursuing our ethical fashion conditioning already.
Let us straight away jump to the trends in waiting for us modest fashionistas.
*Versatile long sleeve shirts or tunics. Let us mix and match, add flashy buttons or broaches, layer them, necklines and collars, scarves and stoles, chunky neck pieces and the list is endless.Feminine Dressy tops, blouses & tunics mostly fit in all occasions but let us try keeping those for evenings. Ditsy prints and paisleys, frills and dramatic sleeves, solids and sequin and you are ready to go.*Layered appeal does not provides cover to our flaws because I believe there are no flaws when we feel fashion. Layers help mixing colours in contrast or hues and tones, short and long, texture mix, adding bling while catering to our modest fashion needs. And we can mix and match by multiplying our wardrobe within what we have without being fixed in our ways. So? Shop less and mix more.*Maxi skirts & loose pants, make them oversized. While you are at it make it feminine, stylish, comfortable, flowing, soft, florals or solids but definitely BOHO CHIC! Sets and jumpsuits are another quick fix trick to looking like a diva without sweat. 
Start with pulling out your summer clothing and rearranging the match. If you really think you lack any thing then trust me it is either the bling or the colour. 

Modesty and fashion can totally go hand in hand. A lifestyle of modesty does not take a break ever. We❤️Care
Shal K