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Trend Amend- La Kasha forecast

Spring 2022

The Muslim fashion trends are evolving by the day. The Islamic couture is sharing with the world how modest traditional wear can be competing with the present times. Top of the notch designers are integrating their creativity to contribute to modest fashion. In continuation to this change i wish to add that Islamic or modest fashion requires an imagination and heightened creativity to dress women from head to toe while keeping up with the latest trends and fashion forecast. La Kasha studies the trends over the years and self interprets the fashion and comfort needs of every modern muslim fashionista and implements it on every garment specially crafted with care and technique.

This year we wish to share with you our interpretation of the forecast for Spring 2022. The important question is what will everyone wear the coming season? Start experimenting now to know what to finally wear at it’s best. So here’s the list of what’s to be the La Kasha way.

1- Hello Yellow :

Yes you heard me right. You can be all shades of saffron from head to toe or in the hues and tints suggested below. Trust your instinct.

2-Bold and Gold:
Correct! Play with bright colours like fuchsia and red. Throw some glitter or a lot of it because you can. Sequin, bead, pipes, bugle, pearls and everything you wish to. Simply bedazzle. I love this glitzy tunic personally.

3- Fringe binge:

A lot of fringe tassels and hanging embellishments is my guess. It adds a wonderful feminine swirl to our looks. Asymmetrical sleeves and bottom adding flounce as we walk is going to be so much fun. Corset inspired blouses less the fit keeping our modest needs intact. Fixtures, tie ups and belts. Show buttons and hip zips.

4- Denim on denim:

This sounds just right, denim is my favourite for all seasons. Colour, quality, light weight and stretch simply makes it work so layer it up with denim. Works like athleisure too, dress set go kind of boho chic. Throw in some bright print hijab if you wish a little bright contrast makes it just right. Abaya jackets provide perfect comfort, coverage, cut and couture.

5- Long skirt suits:

Long skirt suits with a long or a short upper of your choice satisfies the need to wear an abaya and justifies the trends alongside providing full coverage. Long chiffon or georgette glitter shirts with inners to create layers and a simple straight cut skirt to compliment the top. We can reverse this too, let’s see how this works.

Walking into this year we all our brimming with hope and ideas. Stay safe!

6- Vivid and brights in the day light:

Check the colour palette below and blend in with the spring 2022 trends and forecast as you stand apart.

Shal K