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The Clothes Saga- Did you know?


Fashion has taken many twists in times based on history, beliefs, regions and myriad cultures of which Modest Fashion has not gone untouched by many trends and transitions. Modern Modest is a term derived not by the newly adapted fashion choices but the Urban lifestyles and Cosmo livings in Countries that may vary from one’s origin and changes like climate and social dynamics make an impression. Thus adapting to the change is inevitable and rational while safeguarding our belief system. Modest fashion lately is not associated with a particular religious group but a way of life in general. Let’s go into the vividness of each modest fashion styles in a crisp but precise way.


Significance 0f an abaya goes back many centuries with a purpose of coverage except hands and feet. Abaya has gone through a transition from being a square black kaftan to a more fashionable and stylized versions. Referred to also as Abayaat, Aba, Kebaya, Jilbab. Essentially an over garment as a modest clothing. Islamic culture devoted to the safety of women and considers their dignity and respect by wearing Modest Clothing without lacking in fashion and trends, giving rise to a sustainable fashion and an ever growing demand globally. The Modest Fashion industry is expected to boom by the year 2021 giving Abaya Fashion an edge for further experiments and twists by the design industry worldwide and on Runways too. Muslimah trends are widely catching up as not alone Islamic Fashion, also a Modest Fashion trend which many are preferring to adopt. 
Abaya ensemble are simply breathtaking as is the lady draped in it.


Hijabs are every muslimah’s crown. The variety of head dresses is a prominent symbol of Modest Clothing in the world and followed by many religious beliefs. As per the Qur’an both men and women should dress in a way permissible throughout their lives. The Hijab Fashion has taken the Modest Clothing market and culture with a storm. Other then the traditional Niqab and burka, Hijab has more fashionable and practical versions suitable for Urban Muslimah lifestyles. The Shyla Hijab and Al Amira Hijab are not alone trendy but a practical and fashionable option. It’s comfortable and a quick fix Modest Fashion solution to a comparatively busy schedules for professionals and homemakers too. Hijabs tutorials are making a rage in Headdress Fashion and a number of people are inclined to experiment this. Hijabi women are simply gorgeous.

Tunics and Kurtis
When one thinks of the Kurti it’s synonym to comfort. The high comfort factor is what makes the Kurti a form of clothing loved by all. The Kurti is a versatile piece of clothing that can be made in order to adapt to any season or occasion. The intriguing fact about the Kurti is that it is not pertained to any particular state or region, unlike other dress forms that have a set identity. It is a commonly worn by people living in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh. In a crux it has been widely and Globally accepted as one of the ,most famous Modest Clothing form in it’s traditional and modern avatar called Tunics. The ethnic International fusion has given a new recognition to this attire for it’s variations, appeal, comfort and style. Wear as a two piece set, Salwar Kameez set, with or without a hijab, stole or a scarf. Blend in it’s ethnic diversity and modern Modest Clothing, Islamic Clothing, Modest Fashion, Ethnic Wear and many other Clothing Categories for both men and women all over the world.

Modest Activewear
Fitness is the prime focus of all who’ve understood it’s importance during Pandemic times and feel lucky to have sustained due to a good fitness history or driven to fitness recently adapted as a new way of a compulsory healthy living choices. Either ways the fitness industry as a whole is thriving. With most of us inclined for fitness, suitable clothing is required. Even the big sportswear giants have introduced Modest Activewear in their special segments. Be it gym wear, Yoga wear or swimwear. Modest Islamic Sportwear or activewear industry will witness a big boom in the near future. Hoodies which have been a staple design to most active wear and fit all religious clothing will maintain it’s favorite tag. Introducing activewear hijab, Shyla and Alamira pattern of hijab converted to stretch sportswear fabric not alone is comfortable, also functional and fashionable. They fit the needs of maintaining a healthy life style, being recognized as a good selling segment in the activewear industry also fashion forward in stylization using the best sports fabric while withholding it’s humble Modest Clothing affirmation.s

Salwar Kameez Set

The Salwar Kameez is considered the most versatile outfits in the Indian subcontinent. With It’s history originating from the Mughal Era. Richly hand embroidered with style and opulence The ‘Anarkali’ suit has been an inseparable part of salwar suit fashion never loosing it’s appeal and demand until now. Beginning with a combination of loose tunic and a bottom pant, the ensemble converted to anarkalis with churidaars owing to the Persian influence on the Mughal Dynasty.
The timeless charm of Salwar Kameez carries a rich history of traditional embroideries and the most beautiful hand woven silk fabrics with a lot of Gold in motifs or boarders. It has thrived successfully many versions from floor length to short also seemingly influenced from the Punjab Province in the 20th century. The versatility of this garment lies in it’s transformation from very traditional and modest to extremely high fashion westernized version. Many designers have taken keen interest to take it to the next level of experimentation in terms of cut, fabrics, fusion and construction. Unlike the Kurti, Tunic fashion the salwar suit in it’s various avatars has not forgotten it’s forever companion in a chunni also referred to as a dupatta or it’s counterpart stoles. This addition has also evolved in it’s western avatar as an attachment on the shoulder with embellishment or a neck wrap and sometimes possibly a hairdo or a turban. In it’s traditional form a chunni is often very rich, heavy and the most noticeable part of the ensemble.
In a crux the salwar kameez fashion is the most indispensable part of a highly recognized and widely adapted form of clothing in the history of fashion. It’s ethnic diversity is commendable even after transitioning continuously.