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Women’s tunic jacket and pant set in Japanese kashibo


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Tunic Japanese kashibo round neck jacket tunic and pant set. Contrasting hand machine worked with resham thread. Earthy floral embroidery is simply beautiful intricate and adding value to this classic couture. Jacket collar and buttoned down front is adding a functional easy to wear comfort with simple, straight sleeves. Fabric is good quality and suitable for all body types. perfect for day, work and evening wear.

Pants- Stylised and chic poly crepe pants with a calf bottom design element can be worn individually paired with your choice of upper like a top, shirt, tunic etc. Band front and elastic back with functional side pockets. Mix and match with a colour splash. Fine quality fabric and finish to accentuate your wardrobe. Fit and fall is suitable for all body types.

* We promote a healthy and positive body image.
* ⁠Plus sizes are available.
* ⁠No filter used. Colours may slightly vary.
* ⁠Refer to our size chart for appropriate size selection.
* ⁠Wash instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry.