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I’m a Barbie doll in a fashion mall.

The fashion hymn:

I’m a Barbie doll in a fashion mall, life in plastic isn’t fantastic.

You can call my name and expect instant fame,

It’s just an imagination, life is a creation…….

Truly all you fashionistas, life is a beautiful creation and we can simply add more beauty to our lives by dressing right for our body type. We at LA KASHA promote a healthy and positive body image. Each one of us is unique and we should be able to recognise our real beauty which is potentially different for us all.

Scent of fashion:

The real essence of fashion lies in the fact that we do not follow a trend blindly. We either learn to interpret it as per our body and fashion requirement or follow what suits us the best. Talk to your friends and family, ask for their honest opinion on what compliments you best. Yes…you can also ask the mirror as a mirror never lies. Ask, scan and select and you shall never fail in dressing right for your body type. Being a fashion addict is one thing but if you are a true fashionista then be a fashion doctor and understand the anatomy of what style and suitability of: Colour, cut, comfort, couture and cost is the possible best option and selection as per your individual needs.

Fashion myths:

Why are plus sizes considered any different or expensive? Do not be mislead by this myth. Apart from the fact that sometimes if the fabric width is less the the consumption of fabric in plus sizes increases. Apart from that there are only a few inches of difference here or there which make plus size fall apart from the general clothing category. For reference why do petite sizes not cost less? This is an endless debate and also a reflective one that makes plus size people want to feel apart and different whereas they are not. We are all built different in shapes, heights and sizes and we should all love the skin we are in.


Please do not feel lost or be on a constant chase for newest styles and fashion updates as the more you run the more it’ll update seeing the yearning. Believe in sustainable fashion trends and never refuse to reuse. Certain choices and lifestyles are insatiable and lead to compulsive buying. So a humble request, be a doll but not a lost Barbie fantasy. Life is fantastic undoubtedly, let’s make it more rich by choosing wisely and believing in our self worth.